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  1. HVAC, Much of my work is HVAC. Looking at your graph, as an aside I just want to tell you that I don't use PID in many HVAC situations. What I have found is that items being controlled are often asked to do far more movement, more often, and as a result wear out far quicker. I once had quality Belimos go in only 18 monthsish due to constant excessive juggling by the system which had been changed over to PID (at customer's request as they had heard how fantastic it was) and autotuned during routine actuator renewal. The old ones were fine after many years of service, but replacement
  2. Ask nicely and the gurus will deliver. Attached is the xlsx that arrived courtesy of Cara and the Creators. It is a much better listing and is a "Must Have" for everyone here. I pondered printing it as a pdf, but decided to leave it as the provided Excel (with some details stripped out), so that people can manipulate listings themselves if needed. You might have to do some security changes on the file to do so. Thanks again to Cara and the Creators. 🙃 cheers, Aus VisiLogic_to_OS.xlsx
  3. Does this mean it is a correct one like Flex has said? Are the module interconnections all firmly seated. Is the Power supply correctly applied everywhere and of sufficient capacity? Set up logging of I/Os to see if the failure is attributable to the same one all the time, which would indicate a fault on that one. In your photo it does not show the RUN S.C. leds on the first module. Is the RUN green like the others?
  4. @Cara Bereck Levy , if the issues that Flex and Swervo both talk about are "common", can't the creators have the particular error bring up more specific messages? Especially different ones for "modules not there", and "need to update". cheers, Aus
  5. Isakovic, please leave this unanswered for a few more days. Views aren't that much, and I know that forum members often don't cruise further down the forum list from the main topmost items, so perhaps it hasn't yet caught all the attention I thought it would. I'll give the topic a mention in those places if things don't pick up. cheers, Aus
  6. Sorry Swervo, confusing you with Visco! But the 130 idea still very valid. In fact, your first Vision program could be your timer test! cheers, Aus
  7. Swervo, you seem to be transitioning to Unistream, but maybe you could stick with a simple Vision for this that the Unistream system talks to. The 130s I use get going quickly on very complex programs. I've never timed them, but it would only be a few seconds at most. cheers, Aus
  8. I think that M$oft must have a special division that sits there all day mulling over what next they can fundamentally change that will cause maximum grief for users. Or their true specialty...become aware of a supposed security issue and fix it by simply stopping that function working, instead of getting rid of the hole whilst retaining current usability. cheers, Aus
  9. I've never used Siemens and don't know this PLC. I don't know how they're trying at present, but it would appear they would have to be using a dedicated comms module.....ET 200SP, CM PTP. If they're doing it somehow else which is perhaps native on the main cpu itself, then perhaps they could put in one of these modules. Here's a scrnshot of what I see as very relevant from the module manual. It looks like it should work RTU immediately. cheers, Aus.
  10. Have you heard of Karl Marx's sister Onya? She invented the starting pistol. ------------- Where do you take somone who's suffered an injury playing hide and seek? To ICU.
  11. Hi all, a request to the creators for Data Table saves in Visilogic to remember column widths. For years I've put up with them shifting back to a fixed width on each opening. At present I'm working with long streams and it is very annoying having to resize the columns each time to see everything. I know it's only a minor point, but it's one of those "minor points" that really annoys after a while when it shouldn't happen in the first place, and is likely easily fixed. @Cara Bereck Levy please bring this to someone's attention. Unless, of course, I've missed some existing crucial t
  12. I think I need to have a new rule! We need some vague reference to what type of machine etc the piece of code is in. To me, this is some constantly revolving reference to an amount to trigger actions. Maybe it's a speed controller run by increments/decrements from the MBs, but it could apply to all sorts of things. cheers, Aus
  13. Kratmel wins! It is the trigger method for Lead Lag on multiple HVAC compressors that run 24/7. Single run lead lag on compressors is not very good for them if you only give them one run and then switch over. Better to let them work a day as the Primary, cycling as necessary and I then use other algorithms to change them over when not called and time of day, load blah blah is more suited. As to the 30/31 issue, I'm prepared to live with that. The output is used on a whole host of other things as well that are not critical but need to change each day.....most of the time! che
  14. Hi all, thought I'd start a new topic where anyone can post a small snippet of a method they use and are happy to share. Just initially a screenshot or link that will get the brain cells of forum participants working hard as to what it might be used for. If it ultimately gets lots of different things submitted, it might become a little clunky and need "linked numbering" here in the first post. To this end I suggest that the time turnaround is a maximum of 4 days between submission and telling the answer, unless it is already figured out by someone. The answer is then given and a new o
  15. Joe, don't tell me you've got one too? Or is it one of your fellow old radio enthusiasts? The things people do in their spare time, along with the never ending senses of humour on the planet. I have a vinyl of my dad's, which is all the varied steam locos that were in use when he was in the railway game ages ago. Approaching the mike, tooting and going past working hard on some incline. I can see people wanting that, and apparently it is not rare. But I rolled on the floor with the W95 one. cheers, Aus
  16. Thanks for this, Visco. Very flattering, but there are others here who do more. I appreciate the effort put into this. But I think if I proudly emblazon it on the chest of a super-suit on my 65kg body, people will rightly laugh. 🤣 Or perhaps give me a wide berth, which might be useful at times. cheers, Aus
  17. I can just imagine an audiophile with the most expensive valve amps and super duper turntable sitting back with their $10K headphones on, listening time and again to Ding.wav, savouring every moment. 🎵 🎧 Kratmel, you've really hit the "I don't believe someone actually made this" jackpot this time. Is it from M$oft? cheers, Aus
  18. 2 ideas to try Flex. 1). Change the battery? Even us humans sometimes don't work properly when we're a little tired. 2). Do a full Init & Reset? 3). Drop the baud rate progressively and make sure that you do the same in Device Manager. On my 130s I always have them running at 9600, mainly because of this being the same speed I run the 485 modbus loops at and it prevents confusion. Perhaps W10 has again done something else to serial comms! Yeah yeah, I know I said "2 ideas". I did that initially and just left it there for the smarties to discover after I had anot
  19. Milinda, as Fluid did not respond we are all in the dark. However, Joe's answer is a good place to start. With a good meter, check all the 0 V terminations amongst themselves over the period of time. Some other things to do as well..... Ensure that all control supplies are running from the same phase. If you run the sensor as standalone and monitor it's output without it being connected to the plc, what happens? If this doesn't show anything up then please advise type of sensor and circuit layout done. cheers, Aus
  20. Ahh yes, Visco...that's me........SuperAus!! Not. A model name definitely helps. 🙃 cheers, Aus
  21. Further to Flex's answer, Visilogic also has a quirk where it simply reads the state of operands when you are online. In doing the read this way it will also show things with Red (if that's the colour you have set for Power Flow ) in a subroutine that is NOT being called. This easily leads to confusion as to why something isn't working as expected. This has caught out many people and you need to be aware of it. Members here often have a dedicated personal method at the top of each sub to definitely show when it is active. cheers, Aus
  22. A related note is that I often see systems that have no update blocking, yet they are still sitting on an older version. ( I prefer to block and do selective update when I consider it important ) It is as if M$oft seems to arbitrarily decide on when to update what, and systems get missed in the process. I end up doing an ISO type update myself after what I consider a suitable delay has elapsed. I once thought it was related to processor type and possible problems they suspected might happen, but I've never got to the bottom of this issue and gave up ages ago. cheers, Aus
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