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V280 - screen variable

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I have a strange problem with the screen of a 280: the screen is used to read values out of a table.

I have a screen on which I want to show 6 variables:

- 3 x Integer values

- 1 x ASCII String - 6 characters long

- 1 x ASCI String - 30 characters long

- 1 x ASCII String - 10 characters long

There is also a bit of static text on the screen.

The variables are being read out of a table - all in one row, different columns for the different variables.

I want to scroll through the rows (and update the value on the screen) by using two keys.

I now have the strange effect that some of the variables are simply not shown...but not always the same one!

If I delete one variable and place the same one again, it is normally back, but i can happen that another one is gone instead!?!

I have to check after each download this page to see if it complete...or to delete and place the varaiblen again.

Does anyone know a reason for this?



Visilogic 8.6.0 Build 0

PLC: Vision 2xx O/S V5.04 (B13) HW:A

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  • MVP 2014

Hello Olaf,

For ASCII strings you require a refresh bit for the HMI variable and you need to use a different bit for each variable. Using the same bit to try and refresh all ASCII vars produces the type of behaviour you describe. Another possible cause is that you are calling that screen from the ladder and using a direct logic condition rather than a 1-shot (eg edge triggered contact).

I hope this helps.

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Hello Simon,

Thanks for your feedback.

I have deleted all my displays, have only left the integers and one ASCII on the screen, have linked the refresh bit to a key, and still have the same problem.

So I deleted also the last ASCII string, and now I have the funny effect that on one screen one integer is not shown. If I copy it to another screen, it is working, but not on the original screen: really strange ?!?!

I have been checking with the "Display Summarize" function what may be wrong, but the feature always crashes with the message "prvShowHmiElements Automisation fault".

Does this maybe mean something?



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