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RPD / VNC mode?


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I am not exactly sure what that setting does, so I would also be interested to know.

However I am fairly sure it does not mean you could run the PLC directly as a VNC server.

This setting suggests you could have a PC running Remote Operator that would be the VNC server. You could then connect to that PC from a VNC viewer (Smartphone, etc) and control the PLC via the VNC server PC. If you ran Remote Operator in full-screen mode on the server PC, then your smartphone screen should look almost like you are connected directly to the PLC.

The best option would be to run such a setup and see what the options do. However I am sure any comments from the Creators would be valuable also.

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Hi, this option was made in order to remove the Splash Screen Fade in/out.

With RDP (Not in VNC or Logmein), each time a frame need to be rendered, it will send it to client and only then will render the next frame.

This caused the splash screen to take forever since each time the opacity got changed, instead of taking like 20ms or 100ms for the next opacity value to show, it had to wait for the client to get the splash screen image and only then change the opacity.

This option only removes the fade-in/out.

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No, you can use Remote Operator. The Vision controllers does not support Microsoft RDP.

Just read the comment above yours... When starting remote operator from RDP, the splash screen would load very slowly, because it fading in and out, and the RDP is waiting for each frame to render on the target machine, which makes it slow.

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