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Calibration - it's a trap.


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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my customer made a mistake when using Remote Operator. He unintentionally entered a system menu and subsequently clicked to "Touch screen calibration". The text "Not supported" appeared on Remote Operator screen and I did not find any way to get back to user displays.

Please tell me if there is a possibility to block a touch screen calibration for remote users or if there is a escape from that trap.

Thank you for advice,


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Hi Michal,

Please provide more information to give you better advice.

OPLC model, for example, versions of Windows, VisiLogic, Remote Operator, system software versions.


I am sorry, I forgot to provide the technical data:

The Vision model is V1040, hardware rev. A, SN LP0100594, OS version 3.3(20). The program was created under the VisiLogic 9.3.1, version of Remote Operator is 1.0.30 (the newest one, I hope). That issue I observed for the first time from the DELL laptop computer with OS MS Windows 7 Pro CZ.

Thank you for cooperation,


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I know that you can set the time you need to touch the screen in order to get into the Info (and as much as I recall, you can even disable it), so you can disable by this way also the access to the calibration.

I don't remember any SB to SI that disables only the calibration (But I'm sure that our support knows better, and there are also documents about those SBs/SIs).

Either way, I'm not sure that it is possible to block touch screen calibration or info only for remote users.

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