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Hi Team.

I'm working through my first CanOpen project involving a safety controller and 4 drive's. 3 drive's are on DS402. I can read and write SDO's until I get to the "manufacturer profile area" at which stage I get "Object does not exist in the object dictionary" (Logged using canopen magic pro)

Is this a case of Uni not supporting DS402?

Incidentally the canopen magic pro can't access these SDO's either.

Some of the DS301 devices are working nicely, PDO's etc. Many thanks to Tim Moulder and Fantasia for their examples.

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Well it seems my dilemna is solved. The error seen happens when the eds file doesn't match the device. (Thanks to www.esacademy.com support)

Between config, firmware and several resets I managed to get DS402 configured and communicating with the PLC.

Festo also uses a custom (alternative) protocol called FHPP. Festo tech support New Zealand helped me get FHPP working. Basically "Communication Profile" objects are mapped according to the EDS, but "Manufacturer Specific" objects don't appear to be mapped as per EDS. Fortunately the relevant PDO's are pre-mapped in the drive, and Unitronics Tx's and Rx's these PDO's without problem.

All of this de-bugging would not have been possible without software such as CanOpen Magic Pro.

On the plus side it seems that Unitronics can communicate with DS402 and FHPP devices.

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Can you post the EDS file including the example?

This can help other members which instrested in communication with FESTO using CANOPEN.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ofir

Yes, I'll post an example just as soon as I've finished de-bugging. It's mostly done.

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This is awesome! DS402 is not officially supported in Unitronics, so if you found a work-around, that's golden!

Do share!

Well all ready to load up my project, but at 260kb it wont fit in my attachments. Perhaps I could get upgraded to super cool user and get a massive 1mb attachment limit?!! I could delete stuff, but that would make the posts relevant to that obsolete?

Anyway Tim before you get terribly excited, I did end up using the FHPP protocol instead of 402, mainly because it is easier. The code will look very familiar to you as it is your code!! There are only a few PDO's going back and forth.

But I did test 402 and was able to hold comms between the Unitronics and the entire EDS range of 402 using SDO. I don't think there is any reason why it won't work.

I had simulation software for the FHPP that I used to control the servo whilst logging PDO traffic with Canopen magic pro. Then it was just a case of deciphering with manuals etc, and getting the PLC to do the same. It wasn't too painful. FHPP looked to have far fewer commands etc.

I think the reason 402 isn't supported officially is that there are a few enable/start/run/stop routine's required (or suggested). For Unitronics to claim compliance they would need a custom Function Block. But there is no reason why this can't all be programmed in ladder.

Unfortunately I dont have the time to do this at the moment, but wouldn't hesitate to specify a Unitronics to 402 device in the future.

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I think it's a matter of missunderstanding. 402 is a higher level CANopen protocol, which lets devices, supporting it to be "plug and play". We have no plug and play option, but there is no any problem to implement this protocol in CANopen configuration and to communicate with devices.

There is no matter of "workaround" - it just a matter of relevant settings in CANopen configuration.

To shorten the learning curve, a working demo can be very helpful. Ziwi - you can send it to support@unitronics.com and we will post it on our web site www.unitronics.com > (support page PLC tools and applications).


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