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Event Log type function needed

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What I need to to have is an event log that can be displayed with a timestamp to indicate when things happened in the process or operator action. Typically would like to store last 200 events.

For example:

Display Triggered by

07:46:10 Flow Loop mode change to Auto mode (Indicates Operator changed modes, driven by mode change)

07:49:10 Irrigation Zone 1 ON (Started irrigation cycle, driven from state of a digital output)

08:15:12 Irrigation Zone 1 OFF (digital output shut off)

23:45:11 Zone 1 High Temperature Alarm (Alarm condition detected)

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I'm guessing you want to display all this on the PLC screen. That's a bit more work.

Two solutions come to mind-

1. Use the built-in Alarms function and configure all your events as "alarms" with no reset or acknowlege. The time-stamping and logging take care of themselves. The only downside is it will look hokey.

2. Use two tables - one stores all your event descriptions and an index pointer. When an event happens, look up the description with the index pointer and stuff it into a second table with a timestamp, bumping all the rows down and putting the newest event at row 0. Then build a screen that will display the table rows of ASCII strings of the time and the descripton. You could use the arrow keys to increment/decrement a pointer that will retrieve selected groups of rows and update your ASCII variables.

It's really not as complicated as it sounds. Take a swing at it and let us know if you get stuck.

Joe T.

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