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Good day,

Couple of days ago had an issue with Cinterion GSM modem: V570 controlls a steam boilers feed water and deaerator. Done some alarm SMS and one status message for myself (when I send "status" to V570 it send me back information about process) The issue was when I changed SMS configuration file and forgot to reboot PLC. Then, when I send a message for status, PLC hanged up (there was a black screen with error message) It was good that I was near. Then after reboot it worked fine, but now I'm afraid to use this feature because don't want PLC to hang again because steam is for production line and it's hard for personnel to start boiler after stopping and theres over 100km to go to that plant.. Yesterday sent several messages, everything was fine, but today one time PLC did't respond. Called to plant asked to go to PLC to see if everything's fine: it all looked good. So question: why in souch case PLC don't responded? Is it normal? Can't calm myself..

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First make sure that you are using the latest system files of the V570 according to VisiLogic.

PLC not reponding to the SMS message can be caused if:

- The message was not sent exactly as configured in SMS configuration.

- Signal quality was under 13

Anyway you can check status message operand of SMS configuration - see help SMS operands.

If you are able to simulate the error you got please send a mail with the application to support@unitronics.com and we will check it.

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