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Problem Configurating M91 Incremental Shaft Encoder

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Good Day Everybody

Recently i acquired the plc-m91-2-T1 and i need it for an application where i use a shaft encoder with 2000 pulses per rev (PPR)

At first i tried to add both of the channels (input 0 for channel 1 and input 2 for channel 2) as shown in my program (attached) and it almost made it well for one direction (it counted 1900 of 2000 pulses) so i thought it was the speed of the counter so i reduced the pulses to 250 with a FlipFlop JK Circuit.

Any ideas or suggestions of how can i use the shaft encoder easier? Also i need it for both directions.

Also i wanna know if there is any support in Spanish.

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  • MVP 2023

I've attached an M91 program with the on-board HSC configured to x4 mode. Connect your channels to I0 and I1 - the counts will magically appear in MI 0 and will count in both directions. You don't have to do anything, and one revolution of your encoder will result in 8000 counts.

Read the Help on configuring the High Speed Counter inputs.

The problem will be that your 2000 PPM encoder will fill up the MI pretty quickly - it can only hold 32,767 counts. You're really better off with a V130-33-T2 - it supports long integers.

Joe T.

M91 with HSC.U90

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