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M91 HSO for a Stepper Motor

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Hi Everybody

I'm working on a project where i need a pulse sequence with a frequency of 1 kHz to 10 kHz to control a stepper motor with a drive which only needs 1 input

I'm using a M91-T1-2 and i configured hardware the next way:




And then i use the next ladder program to enable the output and to put the frequency's value:


My question is: with this configuration i' should get 1 kHz in the output 0? or i need to do something else because i don't get any

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I set the MI 12 to 500 and it worked fine for 1000 Hz, then i set MI to 10 kHz and it went well but the voltage decreased from +24 V to +5 V, after that i tried to set MI 20 kHz and it stuck at 10 kHz.

Which is the highest frequency for these PLC's outputs ? (i assume is 1,500 Hz because it's pnp)

i ask because i need to work in the range of 10 kHz to 50 kHz, Do i need to change the plc or this plc can work at this range?

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My experience with the pnp "high speed" output is that it poops out at 2 kHz. I didn't register the frequency you're looking for in your original post.

The new V130 models with npn high speed outputs work great for the frequencies you need- they go up to 200 kHz. The M91 is a mature product and you won't see anything new introduced in this line. You're going to have to step up to a V130-33-TR20.

Joe T.

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