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I'm new with VisiLogic. In my project I like to show a power on HMI screen.

I tried to do it with the "SB 24 PLC initialized at Power-up" flag to load this screen, but this do not work.

The screen started flickering but do not show the logo and other information.

I also like if nothing is typed after a delay to jump to a satus HMI screen. How can I do this.

Many thanks for your help.


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Hi Otto,

Please always provide PLC type and other information to have better answer.

Be careful with System wariables. You should understand what the wariable doing. Othervice PLC will enter endless loop or stop works.

In your case it is useless to use SB 24.

When you power-up PLC, it make reset but not initialize Memory Registers.

This make possible to save all variables status as it being before power-cicling.

To have a Company logo displayed for specific time, you need to prepare "! Start-Up Display" with your Company information and run timer at start-up(power-on). This timer, when ends, will call "Status HMI Screen". You will do this from Menu "Utils->HMI->Load HMI Display".

SB 16 - "Touchscreen is Active (has been touched] (Touch models only)", indicate "touch". You will analyze it and call "Status HMI Screen" before timer ends.

Believe, this will help.


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Hi Otto,

You can change the name, but Start Up display as functionality will remain highlighted in pink - never mind if you change its name.

If you already programmed Start Up Display and want another display to be "Start Up", you can call this specific display on the second scan. You can catch the second scan by SET any MB with SB2 as condition. Then, with N.C. of SB2 and N.O. of this MB to load requested display.

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