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I have a V130 and am struggling to update the software to the most recent version. I have always had problems communicating with the PLC, I am using a USB converter because I don't have a serial port in my laptop. I find everytime I need to connect to the PLC/ download a new version of my program I have to take out the USB and re-insert it otherwise it fails when attempting to open the port. The port settings are the same on the PLC and the computer (115200) and I am using com 1.

The program downloads and I can use the online test mode as long as I take out the USB and re-insert it before downloading. However I have updated visilogic and therefore cannot download a program until the PLC is updated. I can read the PLC information check for updates but when it comes to downloading the update it always fails at the point of opening the port.

It did this with the previous update but then eventually did work after about half an hour of trying. I have checked for loose physical connections and there doesn't seem to be any problems. I have been trying for a while and it still won't update the PLC, failing on port opening everytime.

Any ideas, thanks in advance.


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It would be helpful to mention what operating system you're using, what brand of USB-to-serial converter you're using and what version of Visilogic you're using. However, the most likely culprit is the USB-to-serial converter. Unitronics has some specific recommendations that you can find elsewhere on this forum. I am currently using a Trendnet TU-S9 with my Win7 laptop and it's working very well and reliably.

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