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Updating Firmware Over Ethernet Quirk

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I had issues a few days ago getting Visilogic to update the OS in a V350 using a direct ethernet connection. This connection was via a crossover cable between my PC's LAN and the Ethernet port of the V350.

I then added a swtich in between the PC and the PLC and was then able to complete the firmware update.

What is happening is with a direct connection the software does a reset of the PLC prior to the update. When this happens the PLC reboots and the LAN detects the loss of a physical connection. Once this happens, Visilogic interprets this as a loss of communication and aborts the update.

With the swtich in between, even while the PLC reboots the physical connection between the PC and the switch is maintained. Therefore Visilogic does not sense a disconnection and does not abort the process.

Can the OS update code be fixed such that it can "ride through" disconnection caused during a reboot when you have a direct PC to PLC connection? It is not convenient to carry around a switch every place I go and an OS update takes forever over the serial connection. I quite often have systems with a direct connection of the Ethernet between the PLC and slave device so there is not always a switch or a free port on a switch with which to plug into.

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