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[Bug] - Unitronics Vision OPLC IDE


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I found issue in shortcuts. I have version 9.4.0.

Shortcuts are great, but now they are problematic for non US.

keyboard shortcuts should respond only when you press the left Alt button, because right Alt button for me (Poland) is for writing polish letters, like ą, ę, ć, ł, etc.

For example, when I'm writting operand description, and I press Right Alt + L for letter Ł, IDE makes something (but i don't known what) and I can't write anymore operand descriptions :) I must restart IDE.

Another example - Right Alt and A - letter ą, but in IDE it is Compile and programm. I'm writing comment or description, Right Alt+A, and bum! - compiling and programming ;)

Sorry for my english.

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