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What is "Uninstall" actually doing

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So, Visilogic V9.4 crached on me last week.

Apparently it crashed very hard because after that I could no longer successfully download from that point forward.



Rather than battle this one out, I decided it would be easier to simply uninstall and re-install the software.

So I did.

At least I though I did?!?

After the uninstall process I rebooted.

Then I re-installed the software.

Then I ran the software.

And to my suprise, the very first thing it tells me is that Visilogic was not shut down properly last time and that it would perform the recovery.

Really? How could it have not shut down properly last time, when it had never even ran before?

And ....... it still opended up my last project from before. How could it have remembered this if it had uninstalled completely?

Anyhow, after what I thought was a true re-install it continues to give me the same error on downloads.

I installed the software in another VM clone, with everything else being identical.

It works in that clone.

What do I have to do to make certain of a complete uninstall?

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Hi Damian,

When you uninstall VisiLogic, some file still stays in C:/Program Files/Unitronics….for last recovery.( Current_OPLC.ini file)

To perform a proper reinstall please follow the next instructions:

  • Backup your application files
  • Uninstall VisiLogic
  • Erase the “Unitronics” folder from- C:\Program Files
  • Erase the “Unitronics” folder from- C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Install VisiLogic again

I hope it helps..

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