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Email function in Visilogic Version 8.6.2

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I recently was having a problem with the CSV delimited write function and it was suggested on the forum that I make sure I was using Visilogic 8.6.1 and O/S 3.1(19).

Since I have updated to O/S 3.1(19) and Visilogic 8.6.1 the send email with attachment has stopped functioning. It is working in the field in the code created in version 8.6.0 and on O/S 3.1(19) and O/S 3.1(5). I connect to the email server (SB 150), but I do not get send email in progress SB 345. I have since upgraded to Visilogic 8.6.2 (deleted the email function and rebuilt it) and the same problem is occurring.

Rick M

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In order to solve the problem try the following:

1. Perform a Built All procedure (Build >> Build All).

2. Use a different mail server.

If this doesn't work let me know the following:

Are you able to send an email without attachment?

Does the status messages of the email change when you send it?

and send me the application in question.

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