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  1. 313 downloads

    This is how you use the largest font possible in Vision controllers.
  2. 705 downloads

    PTO Example, demonstrates most of the PTO functions
  3. 656 downloads

    This Application demonstrates how to implement a drop down list
  4. Hi, I tried to do what you're describing and it work OK for me. What versions of OS and VisiLogic are you using? Can you send me the application you're using?
  5. Hi, I am not sure I understand your problem. When displaying a Trend from an SD card you are required to specify the name of the file. You can choose any Trend you want. Also, you can use the Link operand to choose which Curve to display: If you need any further help please send your application to Support@unitronics.com and describe in detail how to simulate the problem.
  6. Thanks for this example, you have helped me very well.

    It allows me to try to learn to program M90.


  7. Hi, Confirm you perfromed the following procedure: 1. At Power-up, SET SB109 ON. 2. Enable the PID output (for example, if you used MB0 to enable an HSO, turn MB0 ON). 3. Activate the Run PID MB for the loop you want to tune. 4. Turn the appropriate Start auto-tune SB ON; activating the auto-tune function. 5. When auto-tune is complete, the SB will turn OFF, and the appropriate auto-tune is Complete SB will turn ON.
  8. Hi, At the moment there is no such a simulator available, and checking applications require an actual PLC. We are aware of the need of a simulator and planning on issuing one in the future.
  9. Attached is a document which explains how to use HSC with Jazz. High Speed Output HSO.pdf
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