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Jazz and Current loop


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In addition to Joe's questions it would be good to know if any other device are in the 4-20ma loop. I am attaching 2 drawings one with just a JAZZ JZ10-11-R31 and one with the same JAZZ and a Specific connection to a FUJI MEGA variable speed drive.

It is important to know about all of the devices that are involved. The sending device is obviously important, but you also need to know about any and all recieving devices. You can add multiple devices to a single 4-20ma loop, but you need to know about the grounding of the 4-20ma inputs on all of the devices to determine if it will actually work. If you are only connecting to a JAZZ and nothing else then in generic terms the one drawing without the VFD would be correct for the R31 model of the JAZZ but may not be correct for one of the other models of the JAZZ.


jazz with 4 20 loop power

jazz And VFD with 4 20 loop power

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