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V200 connection works intermittently

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Is there a "best method" way of cleaning the plug in pins (especially the female end)? My V200 plugged into the back of a V570 works intermittently. Sometimes an output will stop working. I can turn PLC off, unplug V200 and plug it back in, and it starts working. Sometimes I can just press the back of the V200 and it starts working. Is this a a quality problem of the connector, or does it need cleaning? The PLC is new although I have had it over a year. Went to training so I could learn Unitronics. By the time I'm now trying to get things to work, out of warranty. Sometimes the port 1 of the com link stops working and I have to transfer plug to port 2. Did I get a unit built on Monday morning?

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It sounds like you have more than one connector problem. Look carefully at Port 1 and at the pins on the V200 module - are they corroded (blue) at all?

Contact your distributor - Unitronics has a two year warranty. Either way they they should be able to help you.

FWIW, Israel starts the work week on Sunday.

Joe T.

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