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V570 W/ Multiple Warning Screens

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I'm trying to troubleshoot a program where it has a check status on startup. The way the program was written it checks all major inputs at startup when the main display is loaded. It basically checks 4 main inputs, Emergency Stops, Water Detection, High Level and Low level. My main problem is the way it was written is that they all active 1 MB (which I don't think is right). So the 4 seperate screens fight each other. It looks kind of like this:

Estop [P]----------------MB Scan Bit

Estop [N]

Water Detection [P]

Water Detection [N]

High Level [P]

High Level [N]

Low Level [P]

Low Level [N]

Then the 4 all have something similiar to this:

MB Scan Bit [ ]-----------Estop Active [ ]-----------Display Estop Active

MB Scan Bit [ ]-----------Water Detection Active [ ]-----------Display Water Detection

MB Scan Bit [ ]-----------High Level Active [ ]-----------Display High Level

MB Scan Bit [ ]-----------Low Level Active [ ]-----------Display Low Level

I've found that the low level takes priority and the Estop Screen is low priority. My only solution I could think of would be to have all the warnings on one screen, and if they were activated it would show just those that were activated. The client is more in favor of having a different warning screen for each individual one. Is there a better way to do this with the existing code or is it just better to rewrite the code so that each event has it's on bit? thanks in advance

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If the customer wants separate screens, then you'll have to write logic to determine which one wins based on their priority level. The logic you've demonstrated above does not assign priority - all alarms are equal. What you'll wind up with are flashing screens if more than one alarm is active.

Upload your program and give us a prioritized list of the alarms so that we may assist.

Joe T.

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In addition to what Joe points out, you also need to make sure your common fault MB and the actual individual fault bits are not continously active. Otherwise it will just continuously reinvoke the screen call and cause all sorts of problems.

The V570 has a decent size screen. I can't imagine not just putting all four of these on one screen and let them all show simultaneously.

Your customer may be making your job more difficult by thinking that separate screens are "simpler"

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