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JZ10-11-UA24 Output Relays

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I am looking for some help with wiring the relay outputs O0-O4 on this unit. Does the unit power these, and if not how should I wire my fan that I am trying to turn on and off. The installation guide shows the first slot as being a common +V and the outputs being the -0, so do I put all common V+ lines in that port and one from my power supply and the the individual -0 lines to each realy port. I am really confused, I normally only deal with mechincal/fluid PLC controls is new to me.

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The Jazz powers the internal relays but you have to provide power that the contacts will switch to the common on the first terminal. You didn't say what power your fan runs on, The example in the installation guide is a bit confusing as it shows both AC and DC possibilities; in reality you only use the one you care about.

Lets say you have a 120V fan. In this case, you wire the hot leg to the common relay terminal. In your world you may call this H, L, L1, or whatever. Hook one side of your fan to the output you want to use (O0 to O4) and the other side of your fan to neutral. Done.

I'm curious if you got this from a distributor and if they are able to help you at the local level. Someone new to the product should not be left in the dark by their supplier.

Joe T.

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