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U91 Keypad entry question

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Working with a U91-2-R1... I have a screen that I'm trying to get an input that has the format of xxx.xx, but no matter what I enter, I can only get x.x and then the blinking cursor... enter key doesn't do anything. The arrow keys allow me to 'clear' the input.

The variable is set for "format" of "xxx.xx" "keypad entry" is checked. What am I missing?


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I removed my 'limit' check mark, and now I can enter any value I want, but... I'd prefer that the user can only enter a value between 48.00 and 60.00 For example, if I enter 51.25 it would accept it, but if I enter 13.05 it shouldn't.

Emil... I am not at the stage yet to post the project. I am just doing some 'proof of concept' stuff for now.

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Got this to work since the last post.... :) I also now realize that the input is 10-bit resolution, so disregard that comment.

Now I'm working through another issue. Trying to get the actual 'displayed' value to be represented somewhere in memory so I can use a compare function to be similar to a value that is entered via the keypad. (It's because I am now scaling the values)

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My advice - use Linearization function in Ladder (Special function without Ladder element - see relevant Help topic and example). Then, you will show the result in Engineering Units on display and will use it on your ladder - for compare and control.

Thanks Emil! This was exactly what I needed. The project is finished and working just like I had hoped.


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