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TCP/IP data logging


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Goal: Create a path to translate a triggered photo eye to a web server to count results.

Results: Unitronics V130 with ethernet card. TCP functions to send messages to a PHP socket server. Have the messages evaluated and send back acknowledgement. I used two Ethernet sockets one to send and one to receive. Noticed that using one socket may cause collusions if socket is busy. Once trigger messages were created added more features such line control from web interface. Interface currently, controls 4 productions lines that can easily produce 4800 parts an hour.

With data in the web server tracking can be manipulated and viewed in real-time.

Used external web server because the integrated web server is too slow and only allows one client connection at a time.

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I am in the horticulture business so the data recorded is plant material that is finished and set down a conveyor. The data is the used to show amount produced, rate, and estimated completion time. It is important information for line managers to know where they are at to meet expected goals.

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