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We are now using a V130-33-t38 plc from unitronixs. But it's the first time we use unitronics, I'm a student from Belgium. The problem is that our displays allways are 'set' and we needed also to display our timers on the hmi but we don't know how to do that.

Can somebody help us? :)

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Your question indicates a need for some extensive training on the Unitronics overall. I would strongly recommend that you play through some of the 'Webinars" that you will find by clicking on the support tab then going to webinars and start from the beginning on buttons and switches and then timers.

To answer your question, to put a timer on a screen you just have Visilogic loaded for a V130-33-t38 go to HMI then click timers and then draw a box on the screen in question. After making the box outline a menu will pop up giving you the ability to set all of the requirements for your timer.



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