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IO-AI4-AO2 and analog signal (sink)

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Good day,

Messed up a little bit.. There's V280 with IO-AI4-AO2 and signal from Masstrol MFC 4-20mA, sink.

Never dealed with sink analog aoutput before. How should I connect it to IO4-AO2?

As I think: +24V from MFC to AI (I) and 0V (sink) to AI (COM). The one thing that bothers: how it will work if all COM's are internally connected?

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As I understand your description, one device will need to be isolated, either the Masstrol or the Unitronics, as you will need to inject a source of loop power somewhere. Since we know that the Unitronics is not fully isolated, then it comes down to the Masstrol. If that is not Isolated, i think the only option is to get an external isolation module. If you get the type that supplies loop power as well then you kill two birds with one stone.

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