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Reset Problem--urgent!

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Well, i consider myself experienced user on Vision PLCs. Now I am facing a problem that is blowing my mind! i use maximum loaded V570 configuration (Snap-in, 4 x DI16, 2 x TO16 and 2 x AO6X with EX-A2X adapter). I already use incremental encoder on my Snap-in module (A, B and Z pulse) emulating absolute encoder. But i need two more counts in order to determine some sync points on the other moving parts on my cartoning machine. So I connected just phase A of an incremental encoder to expansion DI16 module and in HW configuration make it work like a HSC. It counts up all right. But it doesn't let me reset MI1 connected to it no matter what I do. I tried to use Reset numeric, storing #0 to MI1, multiplying it by zero... Even in on-line mode it won't send #0 to MI1! Then I tried to trigger physically (with 24V, PNP configuration) Hardware input #46 designated as the Reset input for a HSC that uses input #47 as the HSC (and counts!) - still nothing.

I absolutely need to reset MI1 before I make a move that will produce counts on every machine cycle!

Any help, please?


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Dear Ofir,

thanks a lot for zour reply. I am sorry for my late response, but as soon as I posted I myself found out the workaround. But, there is an issue about it: since calculation is provided only once per OPLC cycle and there is no possibility to use interrupt subroutine, is this really a HSC? The only thing that you get by using it is that you don't miss a pulse shorter than a OPLC cycle time. Anyway, my application could "swallow" it, so now everything work as expected.

Also, I suggest that there should be a short notice about that limitation in the hardware manual, so nobody gets as confused as I was.

Thanks once again.

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