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I have recently posted asking about how to get the Enfora modem to connect to the v130. I was able to accomplish this by placing a number in the 'Number to dial' box in the modem settings screen. I just put in my cell phone number to test and the modem connected after that with a signal strength of 14. I do not know what the Number to dial should be set as though.

I also am trying to send a text message and have everything set up to do so. Whenever I press the #1 button to activate the request to send the Modem Busy bit changes to 1 for a few seconds and then switches back to 0. None of the other status bits change when I do this however. I believe the request to send does change but is activating the SMS Send FB and is then clearing itself before I can see the change.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Ben,

When set up your configuration block you are setting up 100% of all of the possible phone number you will ever want to text. You have the ability at this point to hard code all of the phone numbers that you want texted, hard code some and make a couple user enterable numbers by using ASCII string entries, or all enterable nummbers (Phone number entries are not done with integers they are done with ASCII because depending on the phone being called or system calling from you my need a pound symbol or asterisk).

If your equipment is in the USA then your phone number is just the same way you would dial a phone number for the cell phone brand of SIM card you are using wich is the area code and the number (no dashes or dots). That will allways be true no matter wnat number you will be dialing you just enter number the exact same way you would to dial out witha traditional phone. If you are dialing a number where you would traditionally need a pause like a system that would require a 9 before entering the number you would have your string be a 9(special pause character recognized by the phone system you will be using)area code and number.


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