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Advanced Webserver causes PLC to reboot when go online

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This post is not a question but rather a tale of pride and stupidity on my part. I hope to help someone in the future to not make the same mistakes I did.

I recently tried to modify the Advanced Webserver to add Modbus IP communications. I decided to re-assign the sockets to my liking.

I assigned Socket 0 to the webserver, Socket 1 back to PCOM, and Socket 3 to Modbus IP. After downloading the program serially I found the Webserver didn't work anymore and the PLC either rebooted or stopped completely with ladder error code 38 when i tried to go online via Ethernet.

Oh, by the way, I also re-assigned the protocol for port 80 to HTTP when I made the new Socket init block.

Talk about maddening. After several hours of trying every combination I sent the application to support and got Ryan's help.

Final Conclusion:

The Webserver app absolutely positively requires Socket 1 be initialized to protocol TCP_RAW, port 80. This exact configuration is required by the locked subroutines.

To get online I initialized Socket 0 to TCP, port 20256, slave. I set Socket 3 to TCP, port 20257, Master for my Modbus IP communications. Everything works as it should now.

Joe T.

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