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Problem reading MF using Modbus TCP

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I have a v130-330R34 (A). I've been trying to setup the Modbus TCP slave function of it using a Kepware OPC server as the master. For most part it works (MB, MI and ML). However I've been having issues retrieving the MF data. The two registers I need to grab are MF12 and MF13.

I've following the manual by using the following calculation to get my modbus addresses (16384 + 400001 + 12*2 = 416409 and 16384 + 400001 + 13*2 = 416411). 16384 being a decimal representation of 4000h . I think i've pretty much tried every single permutation and still can't get it working (offset of 1 per index instead of 2). I've also tried swapping the high and low bytes in the PLC using the struct and swapbytes function and I still don't have any luck.

Any one can provide any assistance?


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