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My V350 is communicating with Modbus device. It`s quite simple becose almost all Modbus device registers are 16-bits,  I have to worry about were to but comma in MI-s. But im confiused about two register. In Modbus device manual there are notes about those register and i dont know do I have to swap or just directy store those 16-bits registers into DW or ML; or make same mathematical operation...


Registers are:


Register number  Modbus aaddress   Parameter                Received data scale      Units       Notes

40001                   0                             Total low 16 bits                 x1                         Kg          Total= (Total high x 65536)+Total low

40002                   1                             Total high 16 bits               x1                         Kg          



Im using Modbus R.H.R #3 function, reading from Slave aadress 0, reading vector length 2 into Master aadress MI0-MI1. So question is what to do next with those values in MI0-MI1?




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Copy memory and Struct are different functions. You define the thhings in different way and, according to the definition, you can receive different results.

Can you send mail ot support@unitronics.com with some example what exactly you did? In my understanding, Copy Memory needs ot be the simplest way ot acheive your goal. I want to see how you define both modulles and why you get different results.

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