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V130-33-T2 as master to altivar 312 VFD

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Dear all,


I am dealing with a project to control a VFD altivar 312 with a V130-33-T2.


It is my first time with a PLC, have choosed unitronics, because I think that it is a great piece of equipment with a good cost.


My problem is that I do not understand how to read a register from the VFD;


I want to read ETA status word (W3201), it is a 16 bit register. Every bit gives the most important information on the current status of the VFD. Then I will use these bits to perform a check, give information on the display, and make decisions.


Reading the projects examples, I understand how to configure the V130 as a Master.

Understand how to enable the port com and how to enable the modbus.


But do not understand how do I have to read the register. 


I have done the following:


Slave ID 3

Slave start of vector 3201

Read: vector lenght 1

Master: Start of vector MB100

Status messages MI0

Total sessions DW0

Acknowledgements DW1


And this is what I do not understand, the 16 bits will be stored in MB100 as an integer decimal number, or every bit will be stored in MB100, MB101,...,MB115?


Thanks a lot for your answers, the learning curve is hard in the beginnings.









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