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JAZZ Output Linearization

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I'm doing a project with JZ10-11-UA24. I'm reading a 4-20mA senzor on AI2, doing some math and then I'm outputing on AO2 to an analog 4-20mA panel indicator.

I have done a linearization for the input, and it's working. I have done the linearization from help. But, when I wrote the linearization for the analog output, exactly like the one for input, it doesn't work anymore, either of them.


Can you please send me an example how to work with 2-3-4-many linearization in ladder, for JAZZ series? I mean, in help it says nothing about using more then 1 linearization. After puting the right values for x1,2,y1,2, you set SB80 and thats all. But what if I want to do another linearization?? I have tried to reset SB80 and set it again, but nothing, output values aren't what should be!



I'm looking forward for your answer!

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SB80 is like a switch to perform the calculations. You need to SET it with one scan condition each time you need ot perform the linearization math. Before SET it, you need ot take care to store X value in SI84 and next net after SET SB80 - to store tghe result from SI85 to any MI. If Linearization points X1, X2, Y1 and Y2 are the same for both (or more) Linearizations, you can store relevant values in SI80-83 with Power up condition. If not, you need ot make the "snake" net before each calculation.

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