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JZ20 Timer Setting Lost on Power Cycle

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I programmed a JZ20-R16 for a customer.  The program includes five timers, settable via the keypad using Variables.  I'm surprised I did not notice this during testing, but the PLC is now on site and my customer claims that each time he cycles power to the PLC, the timer values reset to zero and must be re-entered by the operator.  This is not ideal for this application, as power is cycled often. 

   Most of my experience is with the VisiLogic software, which simply has a tick-box in the Operands section next to timer values, enabled the PLC to "remember" the setting.  The M90 software does not have this tick-box.  Is there another way to have the PLC retain the timer values?

   As a side note:  The PLC my customer is using is a demo-unit obtained by a distributor in his area.  He is not familiar with the hardware and has been unable to confirm whether the unit contains a battery.  Is the battery integral to this timer retention?


Thank you. 

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