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I'm a new V350 user and get stuck changing the keyboard bitmap.

This is possible througth the System image but I cannot find the original keyboard bitmaps to use as reference.

How are the intial keyboard bitmaps stored ?


I want to change the colors and fonts to match my application graphical charter.

Thanks for your help

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"Unfortunately it's complicate to change the build-in keyboard.

The system images can be corrupt and the PLC may stuck."


Too bad!

There is the possibility to do it using Project>>System image but whereas the new keyboard bitmap are loaded, saving the vlp file reset all changed layouts to default.

Moreover, despite the new keyboard are loaded in the System image, they are not transfered to the PLC.


If I could only changed the color it will be ok for me x)


Many thanks R.Mozes for your kind reply and file sample.

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