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sending data to PLC for program to run


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I'm designign a filling machine. BUT, each fill is unique as ordered by different customers.


our website will generate a code that represents the formula (ingrediants) chosen.

There are over 200 possible ingrediants but the customer will be limited to 20.

This "serial number" will consist of a long string of numbers. 20X6


The first 3 digets are the hopper number on the machine, the second 3 numbers in the sequence is the Qty. this 3 by3 string repeats over and over in sucession 20 times.


I will be getting a spread sheet download every night with all the orders.


I have to send this table, or one line at a time to the PLC where it will use the number to drive the loops in the programing and send the bottle to the various hoppers in the formula untill full.


What is the best practice for this type of senerio??


john h

newbeplc guy

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What i can gather from the manual, is that a serial communication over the onboard com port of the vision is easyest ( no add on eithernet card needed) Make sense?

It looks like I get a max of 255 characters whether text or variable per message?, haven't figured out which is best to use, or how to parse that serial number up into different registars for the program to referance and consume.


Found the strings webinar, I'll bone up as much as I can bfore coming back.


thanks for the heads up

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