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Hi at all,


just a quick question:

As I have to upgrade to VisiLogic 9.5.0 due to access our newest software, I am missing the 9.3.1 swapper version.

It's just not listed at the website.


Could Unitronics load it up, so that I can securely acces my "older" versions installed at other sites with 9.3.1??




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Can somebody explain how to register previous version with the swapper, please?

BTW, when can we expect V9.5.0 Swapper?

Hi Sremac,

For working with the Visilogic version swapper you should have several Visilogic installations in several folders. All  you need to do is run the swapper utility, press the folder that contains the specific Visilogic version you wish to work with and press "Register". The swapper will create a shortcut icon for running that version.

Regarding V9.5 - you can always install the normal version of Visilogic 9.5.0 (don't forget to rename the folder so your current version will not be overwritten), and then use the swapper to register the current version again.


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