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problem with my new Cinterion TC65 GSM modem

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Hello, I have a problem with my new  GSM , GPRS Cinterion TC65 modem, I am unable to initialize it with my PC, I use visiologic OPLC IDE 9.4.0 Build Version 0.
it still Gives me the same error code 284 (modem operation failed modem not connected).

lines of command that gives me error code is:


AT+CPIN=^XXXX^   ------------------------------------------- Error
ATE0&C1&D0&S0X4Q0S0=0V1-------------------------------------------  Error
AT+CPMS=SM,SM,SM---------------------------------------------------------Modem Input Error


I need your help, thank you.

Best Regards,


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Depending on your location - I am in Ontario       Contact   Rogers or Telus  for the SIM cards.


Also, during the configuration, be sure to set the unit to the proper BANDS, they are different from the

programmed bands.  The command is detailed in the big programming manual.

If you need a copy, I can email it to you.      dant@sandtron.com

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