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Stepper Position Reset

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I'm still new to this so apologies if this is a simple fix.


I'm using a V570 OPLC to send pulses to a stepper driver which in turn drives a stepper motor.  I have it set up right now so that my O0 and O1 are set to npn so I can run them at higher frequencies.  O1 is configured for High Speed Outputs (Step Control) and sends steps to my stepper driver.  O0 simply sends a signal to my driver to reverse direction when I want to jog backwards.


Right now I can run the system once but I want to be able to jog as often as I would like. I have tried two ways of addressing this problem but neither have worked.


The easiest way would be for me to reset my current position DW, to 0 after jogging.  When I do a store command after jogging however, nothing happens and I still retain my current position.


The other option would be to send additional run commands.  When I have multiple nets that have a coil to my run MB however, the system does not work at all.  I am only able to jog when I have my run MB located in only one net.


I would be thrilled if there is a way to reset current position DW (in step control high speed output) to 0.


Sorry if this does not make sense.  I can try to explain more if needed.

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