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JAZZ & program protection...

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I written a jazz program and I need to protect it before I send it to my technician on the plant to download it into a series of Jazz plc.

I need to send a protected program to another people for plc download only, the people must not be able to open the program in the ladder editor, he must only download into the destination Jazz plc.

How can I accomplish this target?

Many thanks to all...


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Using UniDownload Designer you can prepare a UDC file (Downloader file) that the customer will be able only to open using UniDownloader software tool and download the applicaiton without the option to view the source code.

First you will need to prepare *.d90 file. (when download the application to a controller, select advanced in the download form and check the option "create download file")

Then in U90Ladder --> Tools, select UniDownload designer and prepare the UDC file.

Ask the customer to download UniDownloader from Unitronics website and send him the UDC file.

After the customer will install UniDownloader, he will need only to double click on the UDC file and download it to the controller.

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I have problem with Unidownloader  ,

I have 2 PLC Jazz1 UA24 and PT15 in RS-485 connectoin and PC with converter usb/Rs485. Both of Jazzs have module for COM port (RS-485) and I use Modbus protocol. And everything work fine, reading writeing with modbus, also downoading new programs through Unitr. Ladder using RS-485 and selecting ID for one of them.The PLC's are both in slaves mode and PC is master. But when I downloaded the UDC file with Unidownloader it starts to program both of them and after that the two PLC's was in state downloadin program - infinity time and the communication was broken. 

I made UDC file in two ways , first with selectin comport baud rate PLC id and second without it . But in both ways the results are the same. Could you explain the proces of making UDC and using Unidownloader.

P.S. Everything works fine, but I need using UDC files for new versions.

Kind regards

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