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New to Unitronics from today. Familiar with Siemens STEP


Did not checked VisiLogic thoroughly yet, despite searching menus and help, nor found forum topics regarding my questions.

So will rather bring forward those questions, than search fruitless, maybe due different naming of.


1) Is there a PLC simulation tool - in separate package or within menues of bare/standard VisiLogic?

2) Does VisiLogic LAD editor support several tabs opened at same time - for quick access and edit of subroutines/modules without tree opened? Maybe view/edit two simultaneous - with split screen? 

3) Are there any cross references?


Thanks in advance, best regards!

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  • MVP 2023

Welcome to the forum!  What brought you to Unitronicsland?


1.  Simulation is not built into Visilogic.  A third party has developed one - http://www.plc-apps.com/products/virtual-plc-simulator

2.  Visilogic does not have tabs.

3.  There is not a dedicated cross-reference area, but the Find tool will show all locations of an address, subroutine, or display.


Joe T.

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