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Timer forward / Reverse

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Hi. I've got an application at my client that have 5 stages running on preset timers.  Now my client wants to be able to run the fans in forward and reverse direction.  He want to set the percentage the fans must run in the reverse direction.  Lets say the stage is 5hrs and he want to switch on the for/rev funtion. Then i must work out how much time is left of the timer on work out lets say 20% and put that value in the reverse timer. is it possible or must I change the timers to counters?

Thanks for your help.

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Under the "Store" dropdown, you will find "Load Timer/Counter Current (and Preset)" and "Store Timer/Counter Current (and Preset)". Use those to move the value into an MI or ML, do whatever math you need to and then move back to a timer (same or different one). Bear in mind that the value you receive will be in units of 10ms so anything over a few minutes must go into an ML.

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