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Erratic Analogue Outputs

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I have a V1210 using an E3XB snap in and also some remote analogue outputs.


I am using an AO6X to give a 4-20 mamp output to some proportional valve controllers.


Problem I am having is that one output (O4) will spontaneously send an output to the valve and release pressure - there is nothing in the ladder calling for this action.  The valve will then close again.


Has anyone experienced this problem before?

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I have never experienced what you are talking about.  Are you absolutly sure it is the output and not the valve.  Have you switched one of your other valves to this analog output and your "twitchy" one to a different output.  I have a hard time believing that centralized electrical noise is the cuase for this or you would see the event on all of your AO channels.  You do not mention what you are actually doing.  Is there a high iginition transformer near the one valve or other noisy deivce that would be able to affect only one valve on a local level?


It would help if you could post your program here in the forum.  I know that you may not want to do that, but the program could be tested in a completely different environment.



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I was using a V570 on a vehicle and the 1 day i switched it on and 1 of the outputs kept going on and off randomly by itself.

I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the device because no where in the ladder was the output being driven.


I downloaded a new version of my program and it sorted it out.

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