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Saving & Retrieving Operands to csv or xls


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Well ........... all of them really.  M, MI, MF, ML, DW.  It is nice to have a backup of all the operand values in a PLC.  I have had it work fine on some computers, and not at all on others.  Hard to understand why since if it is truly just creating a simple CSV file it should not have anything to do with the OS or installation.

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You do know they added this functionality to Visilogic in v9.5, don't you?  Connection->Export PLC Operands to File.  I had trouble with it but I think they got it working in v9.6.  It's not a .csv file, though.


I'm curious why Remote Access isn't working for you as it's what I normally use for this.  Granted, I'm stubbornly clinging to XP.  What OS are you using?


Joe T.

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I have been having the same problem. In the past I was able to use Remote Access to save Operands and then reload them, but now I get the same error. I find myself only being able to use the Export PLC Operands to File within Visilogic with any success.

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