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I wrote a program using a MI to control a 4-20mA output. I have set limits for the MI from 819 to 4095 which I believe is the range for the 4-20mA output. I connected a multimeter inline with the output while controlling a AB Powerflex 4 drive. At the top of the range the motor runs at full speed and the multimeter is showing 20mA, however at the lower end of the scale, at 819 the motor is still crawling and I'm showing an output of 7mA. Is my range incorrect or am I overlooking something?

Gas Modulator.vlp

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Thanks for attaching your program.  If we could only get everyone who has a programming issue to do this!


The analog outputs on the -RA22 start at 0 = 4 mA, not 819 like the analog inputs.  I know this is confusing.


Change your logic to start at 0 instead of 819.


Joe T.

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