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RS485 Communication on V130

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I am using two Vision V130-J to establish a RS485 connection, so that I can remotely access them through Vision Software Remote Access. My communication connection is from PC i connect to M90-19-R4 and from M90-19-R4 to one Vision V130 and from it to other Vision V130 (see Attachment 2) . I have changed the jumper setting of both Vision V130 Controller, similarly I also adjusted the switched setting of M90-19-R4. But unfortunately when i am trying to communicate on the network it showed (See Attachment 1).


Can anyone here please give me some guideline any programming example, communication arrangement anything so that I can find a way. Please Help me Out.




Attachment 2.pdf

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Dear Joe,


Thanks a lot for you quick response, the Jumpers JP1, and JP2 are on position B, and JP3 and JP4 are on position A. Whereas the DIP switches setting of R4 are on the default setting i-e 10bit, 1 start bit, 7 even bits, a parity and a stop bit, half duplex and a baud rate of 9600.(See attachment 1).



I was thinking about the M90-19-R4, wiring arrangement I made it as per the manual (See attachment 2). Can you please guide me about the wiring also.


Awaiting for you response.





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