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Hardware issues

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I have an XKP-300 with the following IO connected.

UID1600 qty=3

UID-1600R qty=2

UIA-0402N qty=5


The hardware versions of the cards are different and the boot versions are different.


Two of the UID-1600 are HW version 0, Bot version 1.1  but the third one has a boot version of 0.10


Four of the UIA-0402N cards have a HW version of 1 and a boot of version 1.1

the fifth card has a HW version of 0 and a boot version of 1.0


The XKP-300 has the solid green link led on.


The first UID-1600 has a flashing red and green status light indicating a configuration problem.  which I can not find.


The rest of the IO card flash green rapidly indicating a OS initialinzing.


Currently connect to a fresh water system that is non functioning.  We are doing a weekend changeover.  hopefully someone can help.


I have done a firmware update.




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I've been talking to Tech support and they have indicated that the remote IO needs to be updated.  Since all of the IO is connect via the XKP-300 I will need to disconnect them by removing the wired terminals, connect them to the back of the USP-104-B10 and then using the uni app to update the IO.


Will be trying this on Wednesday morning and post the results.

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The Good news First.


There is no problem with the software or the hardware.


The Bad news (for Me)...


I ordered he right expansion kit.  The wrong expansion kit was shipped.  The Fabrication team at The Panel Shop did not catch the fact that the Expansion kit was missing the P in the part number.

Thus, we had a UAG-XK300 installed not a UAG-XKP300.  It was also wired properly for the UAG-XKP300.


Since I had 10 IO cards, 2 more that the UAG-XK300 would support, the system would not work..... as expected.


My Supplier is sending me the UAG-XKP300 via air at no cost.  Great service.


So long story short the problem was between my keyboard and my chair.   :)   I should have thought to verify the expansion kit by removing and verifying the part number located on the side.

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