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Problem when trying to open project

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I recently installed visilogic, and created and saved a test project. When I tried to re-open the project, however, a message like the screenshot attached to this post came up. When I tried opening my project again, it said visilogic was already running, even though the program never loaded. I had to quit it through task manager, but the problem still occurs. Why is this? Not sure if this helps, but I saved my project ouside the visilogic directory.


Thanks all!


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Have you run VisiLogic on this PC before? What type of O/S are you using?


The following settings are recommended in order to use VisiLogic for Windows Vista, 7, and 8. UAC should be disabled and VisiLogic should be running as an administrator:


  • UAC(user account controls) must be disabled. UAC is only a notification process within Windows but it can sometimes cause disruptions with our software. To change this, navigate in the control panel to user account controls and drag the slider to never.


  • Running UniLogic as an administrator is also recommended. This can be accomplished by right clicking on the UniLogic icon, choosing Properties, going to the Compatibility tab, and selecting the box labeled Run this program as an administrator.
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