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data tables visibility - sorting

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I've made a project where the user has the abbility of changing his "receipts" in the data tables.

I have 10 different receipts (so 10 different data tables the user can modify), but when i am executing the receipt, I copy the values of the asked receipt into a new data table (called the working data table).

The problem is that the user also can modify the "working data table" and this is not wanted.

Is there a possibility to set or unset the viewing of certain data tables (customer uses the remote access software to change the receipts)


is there a way to reorder the data tables ( now they appear in the order we programmed the data tables)

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Hello Pascal,

There is no way to selectively prevent access to DT. However, a simple workaround can be constantly writing the recipe DT to the working DT (or every 100ms). In this way, even if someone will edit the working DT, it will immediately return to the original state. Obviously, the user will still be able to change the recipe itself.

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