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  1. Same question here.... I need to communicate with a Schneider Electric BMS module, via BACNET. With YABE (free bacnet explorer) I can see both bacnet devices, but how the hell can I read the schneider output into my unilogic plc and write some data to schneider via bacnet ?
  2. So I was missing something obvious......
  3. maybe I missed something obviously, but how can you put a 2 line text in a button, or even in a fixed text on the HMI ? In visilogic, this is not a problem..... but in unilogic I don't know how to do this
  4. jmech, So you connect a "TPC/IP to RS485 translator" to your ethernet port to communicate with a rs485 device. So you don't need to set the baud of your ethernet connection... I had also some troubles with modbus com..... sometimes you ask the content of 1 register, but the slave answers with a bunch of registers.... So unilogic expects a modbus receive of 4 bytes, but the slave answers with 42 bytes... how to test -> make a modbus master of your PLC and read 1 register into a buffer...... sometimes register 300001 is at adress 0.... or at adres 1.... MODBUS is always exiting to program 😂😂 I think modbus developers invented the enigma coding machine....
  5. I have following question : I'm using modbus communication to read some values of a powermeter. Instead of reading 40 variables - one by one - I read them in one modbus cyle, into a buffer... with the command buffer to struct, I can copy the values from the buffer to the struct. But when defining the structure, can I be 100% sure that the position of my variables in the structure is like I programmed the structure ? I give an example : I read 12 bytes via modbus ( 3 floating values) into buffer read[0..11] I have a struct with variables float1 - float 2 - float 3 then I use buffer to struct.... are the first 4 bytes going to float1, second 4 bytes to float 2 and last 4 bytes to float3 ? I tested this, yes they do......but is this always like this? I need to know if when recompiling the program, or copying this UDFB to another PLC program, will be always working with the "correct postioned" structure...
  6. My IT department installed me a local server on my BMS (Building Management System) where I installed the unilogic software. Drag and drop does not work 😥, but copy paste does 🤩
  7. I had the same problem, stopping the sampler, and in the next cycle of the program I start the sampler. This doesn't work. I have to let the PLC doing another run 1 cycle and then I can restart the sampler... maybe a status bit would be nice to say that file is being saved, so we can use this bit for restarting the sampler...
  8. I want to store a specific string (read fixed) to a "string tag" according a value. If value = 1, then string should be "OK" - value = 2, string is "NOT OK", value = 3, string is "FAULT...",.... OK, I know I can do this with the compare instructions, but I want to do this with the switch case instruction....😎 suggestions anybody ?
  9. I have a project with a USP-104-B10 and several URB remote I/O modules connected. When I add an IN or OUT module on the USP-104-B10 and then I export the IOtags to Excel, then the modules are not ordened anymore... the last added IO module is putted at the end of the excel file...even this is the first module of the project isn't it possible to export the IO/tags in order they are on the PLC ?
  10. I use Sick RFU610-10600 rfid reader, connected via TCP Sick provides a EDS file, so very easy to configure ! no programming needed..... just add a node in ethernet/ip scanner and that's it...
  11. Hi, I rewrote my program, so I divided the large rungs into more rungs. But still I have a question and problem. Is it possible that the PLC reads a bad value from the datatables while the data tables are updated with " remote access " ? Every cycle I read the data table, but the customer changed the values of the data table and suddenly he had wrong values ? I checked the program, but couldn't find any wrong programming.
  12. Hi, When I change the data table in the instruction "read row from data tables", the destination operands are dissappearing. This gives me a lot of work extra. We do not have this "problem" with te "read column....) maybe something for a next version of visilogic ?
  13. Ok, thanks first, I will replace the "bad" program with the "correct" one and test it. If there are still problems, I will send you a copy of the program so you can check where the problem can be. I'll keep you informed about my results.
  14. Ok, I think this will be the problem ( bad programming of me ! ) But 1 question about this issue : is the order of commands execution always the same, or can it change in time. The most of the time, I get "good" values, but suddenly I get a wrong one ! Or is the time needed for an read data table column and put the values into the MI's taking some time, so this is sometimes slower and I get "bad" result. this is because I want to explain my customer why the PLC sometimes gives the "wrong" values.
  15. I have the following problem : In net 1, I read a column of a data table in MI100 ... MI 109 in the same net (net 1) I search a certain value in the MI100...MI109, with a CALL subroutine that returns a returnvalue. Is this allowed, or should I search this value in another net ? Because sometimes (not always) I don't have the correct returnvalue ? program look likes this : read column and write to MI 100...MI 109 // search value into MI 1 // call subroutine for searching where MI 1 is in MI 100...MI 109 // put return value into MI 2 ( all this is place in one net ! ) or should it be like this ? net 1 : read column and write to MI 100...MI 109 net 2 :search value into MI 1 net 3 : call subroutine for searching where MI 1 is in MI 100...MI 109 net 4: put return value into MI 2 before I change my program, I want to know if this is the problem of bad readings !
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