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Pause a timer


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I have a system running a V570 that is programmed using visilogic 9.6.0.  Basically I am looking at pausing a timer. 


How I have the timer set right now is as follows:


MB1       TD1

-|  |--------(  )---


I would like it to pause whenever MB2 is true. 

For example, if TD1 is preset to 1 hour and it has been running so it only has 30 minutes left, I would like to toggle a pause button connected to MB2 to stop the timer.  When I toggle the pause button back, I would like the timer to continue counting down from the 30 minutes.


Is this as simple as this or do I need to store the current time when I pause and load it when I unpause?:


MB1     MB2      TD1

-|  |-------| / |-------(  )---



I know this is very easy to test but the PLC is currently in use and I will only have a brief window to download so I would like to get it right the first try.



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