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UniStream--what projects are YOU building?

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Hi guys  :)

Today, as we were fueling up in the caffeine corner here in Unitronics R&D, the coding gurus asked me some questions. 

I decided to summarize them and ask you here--I'd be very happy if you'd take a minute to answer:

- what sort of applications are you using UniStream for?
- what communication features are you using?

- where would you like to see changes?

Thanks  :)


(because, coffee....)



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Cleaning facility (FIP) with 21 valves and 3 pumps for cleaning an industrial deep fryer with conveyor belt.

- A good webserver function would be nice.

- default on/off switches and other HMI elements like meters look a bit childish to me. They could be more abstract for industrial use, but that is a taste issue.

- Better integration for an alarm function.


Comunication ethernet with vnc to control.

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Hi Maurice--sounds interesting!


Webserver is on its way--but meters are already here! Check http://www.unitronics.com/support/downloads for the new version.


New gauges

Unitronics does intend to add images to the library over time, but the Unitronics' Developers Market, which we recently made available, hosts apps and images created by different people from our user community. There are buttons, switches, and other images there for purchase.
I will pass on your other requests--thanks  :)
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Water treatment plants, did a small one last year with a V430 and working on a larger plant automation system with a Unistream 15.6 and 4- V430 RTU's. Not so sure about unilogic yet. The MODBUS implementation between visi and uni series is more daunting than I imagined. Also missing a lot of fb's native to visilogic that are not on Unilogic.  I must say the V430 is an awesome appliance for the price!

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